UCoachia: The Proven Sales & Marketing Strategy to Help Your Business Grow

Ready to find out where your entrepreneurial dreams can take you?

It all starts with a virtual summit, rolls into you hosting your own signature event (don’t worry, I teach you exactly how step-by-step) and ends with you mastering your offer and enrolling clients. 💃

You are going to have a strategy!

This model works, it’s proven, is repeatable and is a lead generation machine.

Ever wish you could just get everything you need to learn how to build and get clients for you business in one place?

Think of UCoachia like a business trade school for entrepreneurs. I gathered together 12 industry experts and curated a library of courses that you can access as you need for your business.

Need help with videos? You'll learn from an Emmy nominated video expert how to master your video presence. That's the sort of expertise you can expect!

You'll have over 20 courses and 200 classes ranging from email automation, list building, course creation, lead generation and more at the tip of your fingers. Want more details? Click here for the course list.

I don't want you to get lost either!

Every month you'll have up to four 40 minute 1:1 meeting with me to help keep you accountable and give you guidance. Plus, you get voxer access for those quick pressing questions.

In our sessions you can expect to reset, refocus and get the support you need. We will go over your sales calls, create custom scripts, practice closing, craft your offers and plan out your strategy and more.

Want my help going from Dream to Profitable, Meaningful Business?

The first step to going from dream to reality is crafting a viable strategy to hit your business goals. It all starts with a conversation to uncover exactly what you want to achieve and what's been getting in your way.

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Laura Fox closed $15,000 in sales in less than 1 month, plus has 2 more potential clients from just one strategic partnership.

Rowena Van Gelder built her confidence, learned how to sell and landed clients!