To help grow your online business

Online Events

Your step-by-step guide through the entire summit model. You will use this to build your email list, establish your authority and survey your audience. This is generally step 1 of your event stack.

Creating Your Signature Events

How to create your personal event focused on your product/program/service to, ultimately, convert leads into clients. This is generally step 2 of your event stack.

Signature Course

Learn how to use your own transformational story to create a signature course. Here you will learn how to draw out the topic, create the structure of your course and ultimately have a signature program.

Lead Gen Strategies

Social Media, DM, LinkedIn, Cold Calling all are lead gen strategies and we cover each of them within this course so you can have multiple methods to tap into.

Natural Selling 2

This is an in-depth dive to evaluate and tweak a Signature Event. Learn how to analyze your results and what to do to improve them.

Duos: Foundations

Market Research is the hero of this class. You will learn how to and what to ask for your Market Research. Plus, learn how to use the information to move your business forward.

Social Media

Learn best practices for your social media profiles, what kind of content works best on each platform and how to build community on your platform of choice all so you can build a social media posting calendar that works best for you and your business.

Content Creation

Learn the 10 different ways to use content to clarify your message, tell your story, and grow your business. Plus master interviewing techniques to rock your summit!

Leadership Mindset

Develop an unshakeable leadership mindset so that you find meaning and purpose in your work, determine where to invest your time and energy, and understand what truly influences your business choices.

Email Marketing

Learn how to use conversational email marketing inside of your business and learn how you can implement an entire system from start to finish.

Funnels, Websites & Automations

Lose the tech overwhelm and learn to build your funnel and website and automate your emails and so much more.

Community to Clients

Creating a community is a great feature of any program but turning those members into clients is how you can really serve them. You will learn to do that here.

The Offer Lab

Learn the three steps to building a standout offer, how you can position yourself as an expert coach in your field, build your online community and turn them into clients.

Video Confidence

Getting on camera can be scary but you have the edge with an Emmy nominated video pro in your corner. Learn best practices for you and your guests to shine on camera.


Dive deep into exactly who your target audience is so you can really connect with them. Find their voice, where they are and what to say to them.

Excellence in Coaching

Building a successful coaching business is more than just being an amazing coach. It's creating structure for yourself and your clients. That's exactly what you'll learn here.

Business Finance & Bookkeeping

You will learn dead-simple cash management system that works with your natural habits so you don't have to learn accounting.

Money Milestones & Mindset

Business Coaching with a focus on practical guides to build your business and focus on monetary targets.